Kazi Orphan Kitchen
Dedicated To Providing Nutritious Meals To Orphaned Children
Kazi Orphan Kitchen
Mission To Distribute Meals To Over 5,000 Orphanages
Mission & Vision

Our Aim Is To Provide Meals To Orphaned Children With Care And Compassion

Our aim is to provide nutritious meals to orphaned children in a safe and nurturing environment, ensuring they receive the sustenance and support they need to thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally. Through our dedicated efforts, we seek to not only nourish their bodies but also uplift their spirits, foster a sense of belonging, and empower them to overcome challenges and embrace brighter futures.


The Bangladesh Ministry of Social Welfare reports 5,319 registered orphanages across the country, providing care for numerous neglected children. Despite facing significant financial challenges, Kazi Orphan Kitchen has taken a small yet impactful step toward addressing this issue. Since its establishment in December 2023, the organization has committed to providing at least one nutritious meal to children in every registered orphanage across all 64 districts of Bangladesh.

Kazi Orphans Kitchen cannot accomplish such significant work alone. Therefore, your assistance is crucial. Your valuable opinions, advice, and financial support are greatly appreciated. Additionally, if you or your organization require any IT support, you can utilize "Kazi Virtual Support" and become a partner in this noble endeavor. Please spread the word about this important cause among your acquaintances.

Our Activiti's Statics

Aim to Serve Meals to Orphans
Meals Served to Orphans
Aim to Serve Meals at the Orphanage
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Meals Served at the Orphanage
A Helping Hand for Hope
About Us

Kazi Orphan Kitchen's Mission to Feed Bangladesh's Orphaned Children

Kazi Orphan Kitchen, founded by Kazi Neamul, operates as a non-profit organization. Kazi's initiative was sparked by witnessing the food crisis during the 2019 Corona pandemic in Bangladesh, prompting him to provide nutritious meals to orphaned children in over 5,000 orphanages across the country. Since December 13, 2023, Neamul and his team personally cooked meals and distributed them to orphanages, a practice they continue to this day. Kazi Neamul invites support through valuable opinions, advice, and financial contributions, and offers IT services from "Kazi Virtual Support" to sustain and expand their mission. Spread awareness to become partners in this meaningful endeavor.

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From Plates to Promises: Fostering Hope and Growth for Orphans

Kazi Orphan Kitchen goes beyond filling plates, it nourishes futures. These meals are a beacon of hope, offering orphaned children stability and a foundation to grow. Your support isn't just a donation, it's an investment in their potential. By giving to Kazi Orphan Kitchen, you empower them with the resources they need to not just survive, but thrive.


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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Kazi Orphan Kitchen?
Kazi Orphan Kitchen is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing nutritious meals to orphaned children.
How does Kazi Orphan Kitchen support orphaned children?
Kazi Orphan Kitchen supports orphaned children by providing nutritious meals to orphanages across Bangladesh.
Where does Kazi Orphan Kitchen operate?
Kazi Orphan Kitchen operates primarily in Bangladesh.
How can I donate to Kazi Orphan Kitchen?
Donations to Kazi Orphan Kitchen can be made through their website or other fundraising platforms.
What types of donations does Kazi Orphan Kitchen accept?
Kazi Orphan Kitchen accepts financial donations as well as donations of food and supplies.
How are donations to Kazi Orphan Kitchen utilized?
Donations to Kazi Orphan Kitchen are used to purchase food, supplies, and support operational expenses.
How does Kazi Orphan Kitchen ensure the nutritional quality of the meals it provides?
Kazi Orphan Kitchen prioritizes the nutritional well-being of Orphans with meticulously planned meals crafted by their dedicated team and sourced from high-quality ingredients.
What are the long-term goals of Kazi Orphan Kitchen?
The long-term goals of Kazi Orphan Kitchen include expanding their reach, improving infrastructure, and supporting more orphaned children.
How can I get involved with Kazi Orphan Kitchen beyond making donations?
To get involved with Kazi Orphan Kitchen beyond donations, you can inquire about participating in fundraising events or spreading awareness about their cause.